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Choosing the right Settlement Agent

Purchasing and selling a property can be an exciting yet sometimes daunting process. The decision to buy or sell can be a complex and lengthy process, therefore it is vital to obtain advice from a professional Settlement Agent. Choosing the right Settlement Agent WA for you is crucial in making sure the settlement process runs smoothly and successfully. It is important to trust the Settlement Agent you select given they are going to oversee one of the most important transactions in your life. To ensure you select the right Settlement Agent, ask yourself these questions and consider the following points.  

1. Do they offer a personalised experience?

When selecting a Settlement Agent Perth, it is important to note that every case is different. This ranges from the type of property, terms of the Contract and the personal situation of the Buyer and Seller. It is therefore highly important that you develop a trusting relationship with your Agent and are not treated as just another number. Every client’s situation is different so it is imperative that they take the time to get to know you and understand exactly what you expect throughout the settlement process. Given that the decision to buy or sell property is so significant, you need to make sure that you find an Agent you trust and feel comfortable with.

2. Communication

In order to complete the settlement efficiently it is vitally important that you and your Settlement Agent are in constant contact with each other. If there is a break down in contact between the two parties, then this can have a significant impact on settlement and could potentially lead to a delay. When considering the Settlement Service that is right for you it is important to make clear how you would like to be contacted and how often ensuring the Agent can meet your requirements. Given that technology is advancing much of the settlement process can be completed online however you need to make the Agent aware of your preferred communication method. You may choose to take a more old school or personalised approach and meet face to face or keep in contact via other methods such as email or phone. Once you have made your requirements clear, ensure that the Settlement Agent understands your preferences and is willing to adhere to them. A good Settlement Agent will ensure they keep in regular contact with you by your preferred method.

3. Fees

When selecting a Settlement Agent, you often get what you pay for. This means that the cheaper options are not always the best and if paying a large amount then you should be aware of what this does and does not include. A Settlement Agent needs to be upfront with their costs including settlement fees and all outgoings. The last thing you want is to get sprung with hidden costs at the end of the settlement. It is important to note that on top of the settlement service costs there will be additional charges for title searches and government fees including stamp duty and land registration.

4. What experience and qualifications does the Settlement Agent have?

When weighing up your options you need to consider the experience and qualifications of the Settlement Agent. Being informed on the number of properties settled and years operating in the industry are paramount to your decision-making process. When selecting which Agent to work with, the businesses with experience will help by identifying potential issues and working quickly to resolve them. A Well established and experienced Settlement Agency WA will generally have a high number of repeat customers which is evidence of customers having received a positive experience with their settlements in the past. Looking through business testimonials is a good way to find this information out as well as gathering further information via the Agents website or Facebook page will help with your decision. Finding out the background and qualifications of who you might be working with is also crucial to select a Settlement Agent. The process is likely to run a lot smoother if they have a background in property settlements and/or law as well as having operated in the industry for many years. Selecting a business that has kept up to date with changes in the industry and has constantly updated its credentials through attending training courses and other information sessions are vital to an efficient settlement.

WA Settlement services have worked tirelessly to develop a strong reputation in the areas above. With many years of experience and an understanding for each individual case, there is no reason we can’t be the first call you make! Please contact us on (08) 9328 2444 or email us at to find out more and to request a no obligation free consultation.

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